Table Creation & Security

To create a table, enter it's name and save. If you're going to create multiple tables for your App, it will be helpful to give your tables meaningful names. Tables will be shared by all your Apps.

Figure 1: Create A Table

Figure 2: Blank Table- Ready to Add Fields

The first field you will be adding to your blank table is the Primary Key field (PK). Click "+ Add Primary Key Field" button to add your Primary Key field.

See how to add table fields Adding Table Fields

Figure 2: Table in Design Phase

In the design phase, you can change your table structure by deleting the field and re-create it with the correct properties. Click Create Table button to write your table to your database.

Figure 3: Table Created in Database

As long as your table is empty, you can delete from the database and re-create anytime.

Figure 4: Table with Data in Read Mode Only

Once your table contains data, you won't be able to delete or change it.