Adding Form Elements

Apparutas Forms support all standard Form Elements, see Elements list below. Notice some added components such as Event Button, LoggedIn User and User Timestamp. Event Button allow the developer to enrich client side form processing by linking the Event Button to a custom Javascript module. LoggedIn User and User Timestamp components make user session tracking possible.

  • Section Header - To group related information into sections
  • HTML Hyperlink - Support only URL to an external website, require HTML Hyperlink plugin module.
  • Hidden Field - Enable passing of variables such as Foreign Key (FK) and values from one page to another or directly into a database table.
  • Image Placeholder - To diaplay uploaded image (in Data Edit Forms only)
  • TextBox - Single line input up to 255 characters.
  • CheckBox - Enable ON/OFF, Yes/No selection.
  • Radio-Button Group - Support Fixed and Dynamic (from SQL Query) values. Allow only one selection and require Radio-Button Group plugin module.
  • Select-List - Similar and an alternative to Radio-Button Group and require Select-List plugin module.
  • TextArea - Multiple lines input.
  • Calendar - Calendar field for Date and Time selection.
  • Event Button - Button can be linked to a javascript function to enable custom client side.
  • File-Uploader - Enable uploading of images and document files, require File-Uploader plugin module.
  • LoggedIn User - Enable tracking and storage of the Logged in user identity.
  • User Timestamp - Enable logging of the user activity date and time.
  • Submit Button - Execute the form
  • Delete Button - Optional in Data Edit Forms
  • Figure 1: Example Form with all the supported Field Elements

    Adding Elements to the form require the mapping of the selected table fields to the Form element with a few exceptions. Notice, table field will disappear from the field list after adding to prevent duplication.

  • Section Header
  • HTML Hyperlink
  • Event Button
  • Submit Button
  • Delete Button
  • Figure 2: Adding a manual Primary Key (PK) type Form Element

    Manual Key will require Data Entry User to input a unique value for every entry. The three (3) elements below are compatible for manual inputs.

    Figure 3: Adding a Foreign Key (FK) type Form Element

    Only the following Elements are compatible with Foreign Key table field type:

  • Hidden Field
  • Text Box
  • Select-List
  • Radio-Button Group
  • Figure 4: Adding Generic Fields Form Element

    Only the following Elements are compatible with most generic table fields:

  • Hidden Field
  • Text Box
  • Check Box
  • Radio-Button Group
  • Select-List
  • Calendar
  • Figure 5: Adding a TEXT (Paragraph) or FILE-WRITE type Form Element

    Only Text Area field is compatible with a TEXT or FILE-WRITE type table fields. TextArea content can be written as TEXT into a database table or written as a File (Text/HTML).

    Figure 6: Adding an IMAGE or FILE-UPLOAD type Form Element

    Only File-Uploader Element is compatible with an IMAGE or FILE-UPLOAD type table fields.

    Figure 7: Adding a LoggedIn User type Form Element

    Only the following Element is compatible with a LoggedIn User type table field:

  • LoggedIn User
  • Figure 8: Adding a User TimeStamp type Form Element

    Only the following Element is compatible with a User TimeStamp type table field:

  • User Timestamp
  • Figure 9: Adding Headers,HTML Hyperlinks and Buttons type Form Element

    Only the following Elements are compatible with a Headers,HTML Hyperlinks and Buttons types:

  • Section Header
  • HTML Hyperlink
  • Event Button
  • Submit Button
  • Figure 10: Data Edit Form - Adding Optional Delete Button

    Optionally, you can add a Delete Button to your Edit form if you wish to be able to delete the record from the Edit form. Notice when adding a Delete Button element, you do not need to map to any table field, it will use the Primary Key (PK) field to locate the record to delete. See exampe below.


    When adding elements to Data Entry Form, you must ensure ALL elements that DO require table field mappings are added, there shouldn't be any remaining unbound table field left or else your form will not work properly.