What is Apparutas?

Apparutas is a cloud based, Rapid Web Database App Development and Hosting Platform. You can think of it as the Swiss Army Knife or the LEGO blocks of Database Apps. It's simplicity and most of all no programming required approach made it the platform for you the determined individual and entrepreneur, companies, various organizations and institutions with an idea to Plan, Create and Host your own custom Database App Easily and Rapidly in matter of minutes.

Apparutas in comparison to other known and similar Development tools

It is important to understand that Apparutas is a Development tool and NOT a programming language. Apparutas has taken a higher level and a discipline approach to Database App Development where the underlying programming is done for you the developer behind the scene but availabe to the you in a form of Callable Modules or mini programs to easily and rapidly assemble your App.

Who can use Apparutas?

  • An individual or an entrepreneur who is looking for inexpensive and fast ways to develop database Apps
  • A middle man developer who wants to start a new career by developing custom App fast and inexpensive for his/her clients.
  • A company or business with a tight budget and time to spend on softwares and who is looking for inexpensive and fast ways to develop their database App.
  • Non government organizations with a tight budget to spend on softwares
  • Students and Educational Institutions majoring in computer science and related fields who are looking for easy and fast ways to carry out their prototyping
  • Who can not and should not use Apparutas?

    For the safety and security of the sensitive data they hold, Apparutas can not and should not be used in the following entities:

  • All Government Departments
  • Law Services
  • Health Services
  • Police and Law Enforcement
  • Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Public Records and Archives
  • Why Apparutas is the tool for you?

  • If you're looking for the easiest, inexpensive and fast ways to develop Database App.
  • With a well planned logic in place, you can create and have a working App in a couple of minutes.
  • You the average person with an idea and determination can become a developer.
  • Do not require any programming skills or knowledge
  • Web based, accessible everywhere you go
  • Easy to modify and adapt your App to changing requirement.
  • Help promote yourself professionally to your users and potential employers.
  • Create Database App tailored to any kind of application and requirements.
  • No Installation or Implementation cost.
  • Why Apparutas is NOT the tool for you?

  • Apparutas is NOT a programming language so its flexibility and adaptability may be limited thus, it might not be able to handle all your App needs and logic requirements.
  • Apparutas is only for building online Web based database Apps.
  • Even if we strive to make Apparutas a secure platform as much as possible, there is still a risk of information being compromised, thus, we DO NOT recommend using Apparutas to put and store sensitive and private information on the public domain or the Internet.
  • If you have limited or No Internet access.
  • Apparutas Apps are User and Input Form driven, it can not handle bulk and scheduled processing.
  • Module Types and Descriptions

    In Apparutas, everything is a module! Modules are building blocks of all Apps created within Apparutas framework. Modules are re-usable, ready to use programs you as the developer can use to assemble your App easily and rapidly into the logic you need.

    1. App Menu-Menu module that will contain hyperlinks to various modules in your application.

    2. HTML Hyperlink-Module to create navigational links to execute other modules, download files and links to other websites.

    3. Data Entry Form-FORM module for entering new data into your application. Optionally, you can configure your FORM to insert data into an additional table.

    4. Data Select/Search Form-FORM module for building a data selection or search utility in your application.

    5. Data Edit Form-FORM module for editing existing data in your application.

    6. 3 in 1 Combo Form-Combination FORM module to combine all 3 operations INSERT,SELECT and EDIT into one Form.

    7. Main/Parent Grid Table-Module for building a grid table report from your queried data.

    8. Nested/Child Grid Table-Module for building nested or child grid table report in relation to the Main or Parent grid table queried data.

    9. Slide Show-Module for building a slide show from your queried data.

    10. Report Card-Module for building a Report Card from your queried data.

    11. Select-List-Module for building a STATIC or DYNAMIC dropdown selection list to be linked to a dropdown list form element.

    12. Radio Button Group-Module for building a STATIC or DYNAMIC radio button group to be linked to a radio button group form element.

    13. File-Uploader-Module for building a file upload utility to be linked to a file browse field element.

    14. Multitasking-Module to allow execution of several other modules all from a single hyperlink.

    15. SQL Query-Module for building SQL SELECT only statements to query the data to use by various modules in your application.

    16. JavaScripting-Module to allow you to write your own custom javascripts to make client side processing possible.

    17. App User List-(Available for Private Apps ONLY). Select-List, Radio Button Group and Grid Table Plug-In Module to query and list users subscribed to your App.

    Module Classification


    These are standalone and independent modules which can be executed directly from the Main Menu



    These are secondary or dependent modules which rely on Extrinsic modules for them to work, they can not be accessed from the Main Menu.


    These are modules that can be inserted or call-in certain locations in your App logic.





    App Menu
    HTML Hyperlink
    Data Entry Form
    Data Select/Search Form
    Data Edit Form
    3 in 1 Combo Form
    Main or Parent Grid Table
    Nested or Child Grid Table
    Slide Show
    Report Card
    Radio Button Group
    SQL Query
    App User List