Figure 1: Create A New Module

1. Module Name: Give a name to your module.
2. Select "Select-List" module and click Create.

FORM Element Plug-In module for building a STATIC or DYNAMIC dropdown selection list to be linked to a dropdown list form element.

Select-List are used as plug-in modules in forms. It is used for adding selection and choices type behaviour to your form. Only one selection or choice can be made at any given time. Select-List require two (2) paramaters:

1. Value - a unique value for each of the option in the List.

2. Text - a display text or label to represent the option in the List.

Figure 2: Select-List with Static Values

Static or Fixed Select-List is useful if you have a finite or a predetermined sets of selection or choices. When setting up Static Select-List, each of the option must be added manually.

Figure 3: Adding Options to the Select-List

Example of adding Static or Fixed options to the Select-List, one at the time.

Figure 4: Example of Static or Fixed Values Select-List

See example of Static or Fixed Values Select-List.

Figure 5: Select-List with Dynamic Values (SQL)

When setting up Dynamic Select-List, an SQL Query module plug-in is required to query dynamic values and labels from a database table. First, each option in the List require a unique value so the database primary key field will be appropriate for this, and second each button will need labels or Text to which is what will be displayed.

Figure 6:

SQL Query must contain the Primary Key (PK) field to be used as option Value and any field representing a name to be used as option Text.

From Types of Values field, select Dynamic Values(SQL) and select the SQL Query plug-in module to be used

Figure 7:

Figure 8: