Radio Button Group

Figure 1: Create A New Module

1. Module Name: Give a name to your module.
2. Select "Radio Button Group" module and click Create.

Radio Button Group are used as plug-in modules in forms. It is used for adding selection and choices type behaviour to your form. Only one selection or choice can be made at any give time. Radio Buttons require two (2) paramaters:

1. Value - a unique value for each of the button in a group.

2. Text - a display text or label to represent the button as an option.

Figure 2: Radio Group Buttons with Static Values

Static Radio Button is useful if you have a finite or a predetermined sets of selection or choices. When setting up Static Radio Button, each of the option must be added manually.

Figure 3: Adding Options to the Button Group

Example of adding Static or Fixed options to the Radio Button Group, one at the time.

Figure 4:

Figure 5: Radio Group Buttons with Dynamic Values (SQL)

When setting up Dynamic Radio Button group, an SQL Query module plug-in is required to query dynamic values and labels from a database table. First, each Radio Button in the group require a unique value so the database primary key field will be appropriate for this, and second each button will need labels or Text to which is what will be displayed.

Figure 6: Typical SQL Query for Dynamic Radio Button Group

SQL Query must contain the Primary Key (PK) field to be used as option Value and any field representing a name to be used as option Text.

Figure 7: Dynamic Value Types

From Types of Values field, select Dynamic Values(SQL) and select the SQL Query plug-in module to be used

Figure 8: Value and Text fields mapping

Map each field from the selected SQL Query to the Value and Text options of the Radio Button. With the Value parameter, the primary key field is often used.

Figure 9:

Figure 10: Example of Dynamic Radio Button

Button values and labels are queried from a table via an SQL Query