• Action Module - module to execute when a Data Select/Search Form is submitted
  • App - short for Application or Software
  • Auto Numbering - Usually in relation to Primary Key field, is the database unique number assigned for each new record created in the database table.
  • B


  • Combo - combination of two or more modules into one.
  • Compatible - in relations to modules, able to fit and work with each other.
  • Components - another word for elements used in Report Card modules.
  • D

  • Database - a structured set of data held in a computer, especially one that is accessible in various ways..
  • Developer - Person or User who signed up to develop or create Apps.
  • E

  • Edit - FORM function or role of modifying a selected record from a database table.
  • Elements - FORM components such as Text Boxes, TextAreas, CheckBoxes, Radio Button etc..
  • Entry - FORM function or role of entering new data in a database table
  • F

  • Foreign Key - In the context of relational databases, a foreign key is a field (or collection of fields) in one table that uniquely identifies a row of another table. In simpler words, the foreign key is defined in a second table, but it refers to the primary key in the first table.
  • G

  • Grid Tables - A framework of columns and rows in form of a mesh, (spreadsheet)
  • H



  • Javascript - An object-oriented computer programming language used to create interactive effects within web browsers.
  • K


  • Link - to connect or make a connection.
  • M

  • Mapping - applies to Forms, Grid Tables and Database Tables. Is the linking of form elements, table columns to a database table fields.
  • Modules - ready to use programs and building blocks of all Apparutas Apps
  • Multitasking - the ability to perform more than one task or function at the same time.
  • N

  • Nested Grid Table - Grid Table nested or contain inside a larger or parent Grid Table. Usually, the two tables are linked using a foreign key.
  • O


  • Plug-In - an extension or add-on software component or module that adds a specific function at a specific location in an existing software application.
  • Primary Key - is a unique identifier in a relational database that is unique for each record. A relational database must always have one and only one primary key.
  • Primary Table - is the main table where data si being written or queried. A Data Entry Form has the ability to insert data into additional tables.
  • Program - ready to execute set of codes to perform a specific task
  • Programming - the art of writing codes and scripts to create a program.
  • Private - (reference App Security) Apps NOT available to the general public to sign-up to.
  • Public - (reference App Security) Apps available to the general public to sign-up to.
  • Q

  • Query - to request or feed data from a database table.
  • R

  • Random Indexing - randomly generated characters to serve as unique identifier for each record in a relational database table.
  • S

  • SQL - (Standardized Query Language). Structured language for requesting information from a database.
  • Static - Unlikely to change, Fixed
  • Subscriber - Person or User who subscribes or sign up to use Apps developed by Developers.
  • T

  • Table - is a data structure used to organize information in a database.
  • U


  • Variable - short lived or volatile data existed in computer memory during software execution. Usually lost when software complete execution or lost of power.
  • W

  • WHERE - reserved SQL keyword to signify filtering of results from a database.
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