App Menu

Figure 1: Creating A New Module

1. Module Name: Give a name to your module.
2. Select "App Menu" module and click Create.

App Menu is basically a container module which will contain hyperlinks to various modules in your application. Only one Menu module can be created per App.

Figure 2: No HTML Hyperlink Module Found

App Menu module acts like a container for hyperlink modules. Note, only Hyperlinks modules with Static Hyperlink Text (not dynamic text from SQL Query) and linked to standalone modules can be added to the App Menu module. Only compatible Hyperlinks with the above conditions will be listed.

Figure 3: Adding Hyperlink Module to Menu

Select Hyperlink from the list of available Hyperlinks to add to the Menu.

Figure 4: App Menu Example

Figure 5: Example Public App Menu Configuration

For Public App, you have the option to set up it's Menu security by making some of the menu hyperlinks accessible ONLY by the Admin Group. This is useful if you're giving Admin access to selected users to manage the App. If the checkbox (Admin Group Access ONLY) is not selected when adding the hyperlink to the menu, then the hyperlink will be accessible by all your subscribers, no special security apply.