HTML Hyperlink

Figure 1: Create A New Module

1. Module Name: Give a name to your module.
2. Select "HTML Hyperlink" module and click Create.

HTML Hyperlink module is use to create navigational links to execute other modules, download files and links to other websites.

HTLM Hyperlink support the below three (3) Action Types:

  • Link to Execute a Module
  • Link to an External Page
  • Link to Download Files
  • Figure 2: Execute a Module-No Action Module Found

    When using Execute a Module action type, only compatible modules will be listed. You wont be able to complete setting up your hyperlink if No campatible Action module is found. You have to stop here, proceed to create your Action module then return here to link it to the hyperlink. See below list of compatible Action modules

  • Data Entry Form - Standalone ONLY
  • Data Select/Search Form - Standalone ONLY
  • Data Edit Form - with POST/GET field variable,static or fixed matching values, matching user ID and Timestamp in its SQL Query
  • 3 In 1 Combo Form - Standalone ONLY
  • Main/Parent Grid Table - Standalone or with POST/GET field variable in its SQL Query
  • Nested/Child Grid Table - with POST/GET field variable in its SQL Query
  • Slide Show - Standalone ONLY
  • Report Card - with POST/GET field variable in its SQL Query
  • Multitasking - Standalone ONLY
  • Figure 3: Execute a Module-Link an Action Module

    If compatible modules are available, select an action module from the Action Module list.

    Figure 4: Execute a Module-Dynamic Hyperlink Text

    Optionally, you can make your hyperlink text dynamic using an SQL Query to query text values.

    Figure 5: Link to an External Page

    Hyperlink module can also be configured to link to any external website or page on the Internet.

    Figure 6: Link to Download Files

    Hyperlink module can also be configured as File Download links if your App support Document file sharing, file upload and downloads.