Data Entry Form

Figure 1: Create A New Module

1. Module Name: Give a name to your module.
2. Select "Data Entry Form" module and click Create.

FORM module for entering new data into your application. Optionally, you can configure your FORM to insert data into an additional table.

Figure 2: Configuring Data Entry Form Properties

You will be presented with a default Data Entry Form. Most fields have default entries and selections, you may change those options to best suit your requirements. At the Data Source Table field, select from the list, the table you will link to the form, hence the selected table will be populated by this form. Click Save to save any changes

Figure 3: Blank Data Entry Form

You will be presented with a blank Data Entry Form. Click + Add button to add elements to your form.

For Adding and Editing Form Elements, refer to the links below

  • Adding Form Elements
  • Editing Form Elements
  • Figure 4: Data Entry Form Configuration Example

    Figure 5: Example Data Entry Form Configuration

    With Data Entry Form, you can configure it to limit the number of inserts based on one, two or the combination of two (2) fields. Limit by user ID and/or by the user Timestamp.

    For instance, we want to limit user data entry to one (1) per day. To accomplish this, we configure the Form as shown below, set (Max. Number of Inserts) to one(1),select the loggedIn user ID (employeeID) and select the user TimeStamp (date). Click Save