Data Select/Search Form

Figure 1: Create A New Module

1. Module Name: Give a name to your module.
2. Select "Data Select/Search Form" module and click Create.

FORM module for building a data selection or search utility in your application.

Figure 2: Configuring Data Select/Search Form Properties.

You will be presented with a default Data Select/Search Form. Most fields have default entries and selections, you may change those options to best suit your requirements. At the Data Source Table field, select from the list, the table you will link to the form, hence fields from the selected table will be used for comparison in the POST form variables. Click Save to save any changes

Figure 3: Blank Data Select/Search Form

You will be presented with a blank Data Select/Search Form. You are now ready to add elements to your form by clicking + Add button as shown button.

For Adding and Editing Form Elements, refer to the links below

  • Adding Form Elements
  • Editing Form Elements
  • Figure 4: Sample Configuration of Data Select/Search Form

    A Select-List element for selecting data when query is submitted. Grid Table report is set as an Action module.

    Figure 5: Data Select/Search Form Action Module

    Data Select/Search Form is similar to Data Entry Form in many ways except with Data Select/Search Form, you must select an Action module. An Action module is a module you will use for selecting or searching when your form is sumbitted with POST/GET Variables. Only two (2) Action modules are support:

  • Data Edit Form
  • Grid Table with a WHERE filter and a set POST/GET variable option
  • Figure 6: Example of Data Select/Search Form Query