Data Edit Form

Figure 1: Create A New Module

1. Module Name: Give a name to your module.
2. Select "Data Edit Form" module and click Create.

Data Edit Form allows you to edit existing data in the linked table.

Types of Data Edit Forms

There are two (2) types of Data Edit Forms:

  • Embedded Form
  • Modal or Pop-Over Form
  • Even though both are similar in many ways, they are slightly different in the way their SQL Query module are constructed to query the edit data.

  • Embedded Forms
  • Data Edit Form as a Standalone module - Standalone Form can be executed directly from the Main Menu. To accomplish this, it will require an SQL Query with a WHERE filter condition matching Static or Fixed values, or matching global variables such as LoggedIn user ID and/or user TimeStamp variable.

    Data Edit Form as an Intrinsic module - require an SQL Query module with a WHERE filter condition and a POST/GET field variable option set. Intrinsic Forms are triggered as an action of a Data Select/Search Form (POST) or a click from a HTML Hyperlink (GET).

  • Modal or Pop-Over Forms require an SQL Query module with a WHERE filter condition and a Parent Query variable option set. Modal or Pop-Over Forms are triggered as an onclick action of a Grid Table column with an Edit Button type.
  • Figure 2: Configuring Data Edit Form Properties

    You will be presented with a default Data Entry Form. Most fields have default entries and selections, you may change those options to best suit your requirements. At the Data Source Table field, select from the list, the table you will link to the form, hence data in the selected table will be edited by this form. Click Save to save any changes

    Figure 3: Data Edit Form - Adding Primary Key field.

    It is important to ensure the Primary Key field indicated by PK is mapped to either a Hidden or Text Box field to query the edit data, see example below. This is required in order for your Edit form to work correctly.

    Figure 4: Data Edit Form - Primary Key field Example.

    This should be your first field to add to your Data Edit From. See example below. See Adding and Editing Form Elements section to continue adding the rest of your form elements.

  • Adding Form Elements
  • Editing Form Elements
  • Figure 5: Configure Data Edit Selection Condition.

    Click on + Custom Filter button to configure how the edit data will be selected. Typically, edit data is selected using FORM or Hyperlink submitted POST/GET variables such as the Primary Key (PK) variable and other fields. See link below how to configure other custom queries.

  • Configure SQL Query
  • Figure 6: Edit Data Selection Condition

    Example confuguration of FORM submitted POST/GET field variable using Primary Key (PK) field. To add multiple selection conditions, each query statement must be accompanied or joined by an AND/OR operator.