Last revised on July 01, 2016

Payment Policies

Plans, Prices, Billing and Payment Policies


These plans, prices and payment policies were designed specifically as an agreement between the developer and Apparutas ONLY. These policies constitutes to the Entire Agreement in our Terms and Conditions. Charges or payment arranged or conducted between the subscriber and the App or service used will fall outside the scope of these policies.

By signing up or registering with our App, you accept Apparutas Entire Agreement in full which Payment Policies are part of. If you disagree with the Entire Agreement or any part of it, you must not sign-up or register with our App.

1. After a successful registration, developer may take advantage of the (Trial) Free 30 day Service Plan for experimental, testing and learning purposes.

2. To keep your account active and to retain your App configuration after the free 30 day Trial period, the developer MUST pay for one of the Paid Service Plans.

3. In a Paid Service Plan, all account payments are pre-paid in advance. A billing cycle is 30 days regardless of the number of days in a given month. Developer may choose from a selection of payment period options below. Discount may apply depending on the selected option:

- 30 days
- 90 days
- 180 days
- 360 days

4. The calculation of the billing cycle is based on the following conditions:
(a) If payment to extend the service is made while the subscription is still in a valid service period, then the new billing cycle will start from the day the current billing cycle expires.
(b) If payment is made when the subscription has been expired, and still within the grace period (60 days) since expiration, the new billing cycle will start immediately once the payment is successful.

5. We may dispatch a "update your payment" email reminder a few days prior to your account expiration date. We do not accept not receiving the email reminder from us as an excuse or reason for not updating your account payments. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you keep track of your account expiration date and update your payments on time to avoid unnecessary service interruption and account deactivation.

6. For security consideration, we do not store or save any card information so automatic account payment update is not supported. All payments must be applied manually.

7. Plan prices and payment options are specified on the App accessible from Developer's account menu. All prices are in United States dollars (USD) currency and are shown inclusive of government imposed taxes and other service taxes or fees.

8. Payment for the Paid Service Plans can be done by credit or debit card (MasterCard or Visa) and PayPal, other supported payment options may be further described on our App and/or our third party payment gateway.

9. The developer guarantees that the payment information submitted when paying for the service, shall be complete, correct, truthful and up to date.

10. The developer has the obligation to inform us immediately about any inaccuracies in the offer provided or the payment details described, including the price.

11. From time to time, we will revise and adjust our Paid Service Plan prices based on the changes in government and other service cost and taxes.

12. Revised or new Paid Service Plan prices will not apply during your subscription validity period. Only after your validity period expires or your next payment is due, will the new prices apply. Such notice may be provided at any time by posting the changes to the Website or via the Service itself.

13. All payments paid to Apparutas for any of the Paid Service Plan are not refundable after 24 hours. See refund conditions below for further information.

14. Any payment or charges required by third parties, including third party software or service, licenses, and equipments will fall outside the scope of this Agreement and will be taken care of or handle by the user separately.

15. Developer will pay the full amounts in accordance with the selected Paid Service Plan and the selected payment options available in Apparutas.

16. Billing cycle does not stop If one or all of your Apps, or your developer's account have been deactivated temporarily, taken offline or became temporarily unavailable or had been suspended temporarily either by choice or as a result of breachment or any other reason, your billing cycle (days remaining) will still continue to count down.

17. If the developer, as a professional party, fails to meet or maintain its payment obligations for the account or decides to terminates its subscription, Apparutas reserves the right to unpublish, deactivate and remove all Apps settings, configuration, files and all user data without any written notice and without any liability to both developer and subscriber.

Refund Conditions

1. You will be eligible for refund if you cancel within 24 hours from the time of payment.

2. If you cancel or terminate your developer account and if you have made advance payment using one of the payment period options below.
90 days
180 days
360 days
All refund charges and transactions cost will be deducted from the refund amount. we shall use the following refund formula.
$refund amount = $advance payment amount - ($current month + $refund charges & expenses).

3. Apparutas may take up to 5 days to process your refund.

4. Once your refund is processed, your financial institution may take up to 30 days to post the credit to your account.

Non-Refund Conditions

1. If your account has been suspended, deactivated or in severe case removed as a result of breachment or infrigement on any of the policy items in Section 6 and 7 of our Terms and Conditions, all current or advance payments will not be refundable.

2. The current billing cycle or the current 30 day service period is not refundable beyond 24 hours or one day since payment or since the start of your billing cycle.